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This company and (Adrian Jaime) are not honest they will cheat you. They are nice people but they just want your $$$. If you dont care about your money go ahead, have fun but atleast I tried. Use google there are several company review sites out there.

There are tons of real estate agents in anchorage, AK, just pick an honest one that wants more than your money. Would hate to see you go through what I did. Thanks for taking the time to read.

He also works for:

Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate / Adrian Jaime Group

Anchorage, Ak 99503

Review about: Real Estate Services.



There are other post on google review sites with complaints about this group.Yes, that is true.However, you neglect to say that they are all written by you.

You obviously have a personal vendetta against this group. I worked in the industry for many years and I know things go wrong in transactions and many it is out of control of the agent. I have bought many houses during my husbands 25 years in the service in many states. I bought a house in Anchorage in 2004 with this group and recommended them to several friends.

When we moved in 2008 they were our agents once again. Carrie and I have remained friends since 2004 and she is on my FB and my cell. None of my other agents with the accept ion. Of Kay here in FL.

are still in my life.I found out that my husband has an interview tomorrow in Anchorage so I e-mailed Carrie this morning and would not dream of using any other agents.


Explain? I'm using him now and so far he's doing a great job?


Hopefully some people out there read this !

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